Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Frogs and mummies and penguins . . . oh my!

I recently ate at Chuy's Mexican restaurant in The Woodlands with one of my friends. If you don't know, Chuy's is a restaurant chain in Texas that's really popular and has a fun atmosphere. It's not my favorite place to eat (because my soul mate is Lupe Tortilla) but it DOES have the best sauce ever - the Creamy Jalapeno dip. It's soooooooo good and makes the trip to Chuy's totally worth it.

Know what else makes the trip to Chuy's totally worth it? The artwork in the back left corner of The Woodlands location. If you ever get a chance to sit back there, take a look at the walls. They are decorated by a series of paintings that are . . .well . . . I guess you could call them . . . I'd say that they're . . . well, I'll just show them to you. Here are few of my favorites:

I call this one "The Worst Birthday Party EVER."
Seriously - this is just cruel. That thing is the size of a planet. AND IT HAS SPIKES. It's like the pinata that fights back - like something out of an Indiana Jones movie. This family doesn't just GIVE their candy away - those people are gonna EARN it, dangit.

Here's another one I like. I call it "Ankle Weights? Check!"
It's such a peaceful scene: a kid and his over-sized kite on a windy day just seconds after the kid gives an obscene thrusting gesture to the kite. It's pure Americana.

Then we have the one I call "I Meant To Do That."
You know - I didn't actually see him fall but I can tell he did it gracefully. I mean, his top button did not budge, his hand is extended gracefully in the style of a ballerina, and his face is set in a calm, snobby expression that's no doubt meant to inform us all that we can quit laughing because he "meant to do that." Of course, it's no surprise that he can fall so gracefully. I mean, he's probably had lots of practice falling, what with the toddler-sized feet and all . . .

Another one of my favorites is the one I have named "Acid Trip":
The longer I look at this picture, the more I want to ask "Is this what it feels like to be high?"

Aaaaaaaaaaand then I see this one . . .
and wonder if I really AM high.

Another one I like is the one I've named "Nice penguins. Niiiiiiiiiice penguins."
Is it just me or are those penguins unusually large? I mean, they come up to his waist. And his . . . ummm . . . nether regions. That's not normal. And I think he's thinking the same thing because his butt is clenched BIG TIME.

But my all-time personal favorite is this one. I call it "Count 1 - Indecency with a Child."
Is that a mummy in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? Twice.

So there you have it - my favorites from the Chuy's gallery in the back left corner of The Woodlands location. But you might have your own favorite so you should really go check them out for yourself. If you do, let me know what you think.

And bring me some jalapeno dip . . .


Phyllis Eddings said...

Catherine? Those are clearly strips of mummy wrapping. Where IS your mind these days? Hmmmmm???

Emma said...

Pretty sure Catherine knows those are "strips of mummy wrapping"....just laugh out loud, you know, because it's funny!

Another great post, Cat! The last one actually was my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Phyllis, where is YOUR sense of humor! Lol ;)
Great blog Catherine!!