Friday, August 13, 2010

Oh . . . did NOT see that coming.

My sisters are really into Yellow Box flip flops. Have you heard of them? They're really cute flip flops and they have lots of fun colors and styles. You can get them in camo, pink bling, polka dot, zebra, cheetah, plaid - every kind of fun pattern you can imagine. They're pretty popular right now, especially with my sisters. Erin is the one who discovered them in my family and she quickly got Tammy hooked on them, as well.

In fact, Tammy just had a birthday so Erin and I each got her a pair of Yellow Boxes because we knew she really wanted some new ones. She was SUPER excited and loved the styles that we had chosen. She wears them all the time and she gets lots of compliments on them every time she does. The other day she wore a pair with a black leather strap that was decorated with stones and studs - they're very cute. While she was out running errands that day, she stopped by the dry cleaners and had this conversation with the lady there:

Lady: Oh my gosh - WHERE did you get those flip flops??
Tammy: [Man - people LOVE these things] My sister got them for me for my birthday! They're Yellow Boxes . . . [pause for reaction].
Lady: Do you know where she got them?
Tammy: Ummmmm . . . I think she found these at a Hallmark. [twisting her ankle around and modeling her foot for full effect] But I know you can get them at Charming Charlie's and a couple of other places.
Lady: Oh really? Well, I need to go get them.
Tammy: [I should tell her that I get compliments on these ALL the time. You know - to help her make the decision to get some . . .] You should! I get compli-
Lady: Yeah. I'm going to New York next week and I'm trying to get all the obnoxious Texas stuff I can find so I can wear it all when I'm up there.
Tammy: [Wait . . . what?] Oh . . . uh huh . . . [Act natural, Tammy. Act natural.]

Sooooooooooo Tammy is selling her Yellow Boxes if anyone is interested . . .