Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pete's air.

My mom and I were driving to College Station this weekend and, while on the road, we saw a tire shop that seemed like an interesting place:

Not surprisingly, "Pete Comma Tire Shop" sells used tires:

But we're not talking the "certified pre-owned" kind of "used." We're talking straight up USED:

At least he's straightforward about it. That's what I like about Pete. He doesn't mess around with pretense or false labels. He just is who he is - no excuses and no apologies. His mottos in life are "Why pay for a sign when you have a can of spray paint on hand?" and "Apostrophes are overrated." I imagine him working in his shop, wearing overalls and grumbling about the younger generation and their annoying sense of entitlement. Pete doesn't believe in that. He thinks you work and pay for EVERYTHING. He does NOT believe in freebies.

And he's SERIOUS about that . . .

Don't worry - I held my breath as I was taking this picture. I mean, I wasn't sure how much he CHARGES for air and I didn't have much cash on me.

And you just DON'T take Pete's air . . .


Anonymous said...

I've read this three times this morning and laughed every time!