Friday, July 8, 2011

A great sport . . .

My nieces Emma and Savannah - 10 and 8, respectively - have recently had some orthodontic work done. I know - it seems young, doesn't it? But, apparently, this is the new trend in orthodontics: take care of things while they're young so that their teeth move more easily, more quickly, and less painfully. ANYWAY, Emma just got braces today and looks presh with them, of course. See?

I wish I had looked that pretty when IIIIIIIII had my braces on!

Savannah just got an expander in the roof of her mouth to make room for all of her teeth and then she'll be getting braces. I don't know if you know what an expander is but it's a big metal contraption in the roof of her mouth and it makes it very difficult for her to form words because it gets in the way of her tongue. Being the empathetic aunt that I am, I like to make her say things so that I can laugh and laugh at how funny she sounds when she says them.

Don't you wish you had an aunt like me?

But don't worry - Savannah isn't offended by us laughing at her. In fact, she has been a great sport about us using her as entertainment and usually laughs just as hard herself. In fact, she's SUCH a great sport that she has agreed to let me videotape her talking and singing so that I can share this entertainment with you.

Don't worry - it's okay to laugh at THIS 8 year old . . . you have her permission:

After we recorded this, Savannah said "Catchy, THIS one is gonna get a LOT of comments." So, if you get a chance, leave a comment for my two favorite little metal mouths. I'm sure they'd love to hear about what YOU thought about braces, if you've had them. And if you haven't had them, feel free to tell them how cute they are. That's what I always do.

You know - when I'm not laughing at them . . .


Anonymous said...

Savannah, you are too darn cute!
You and Emma just keep everyone smiling and laughing.
Emma and Savannah, I wish I looked as sweet(and good looking) as you two do wearing braces.

Anonymous said...

I never had braces, but now I wish I had had some so I could be as cute as you two!

Anonymous said...

What a RIOT!

Anonymous said...

Maybe I need an expander if it makes me sing like that! And I love the colored braces! Too cute.

Anonymous said...

This is of course my new favorite blog!! Emma looks soo stinking cute with her braces and Savannah you are HILARIOUS!!! Such a good schport!!!

Mommy/Aunt Boo

Jill said...

Emmzalulu! You are too cute with your braces on! I had braces THREE times and NEVER made them look so stylish.

Hey Sav, try saying "smart fella fella smart" 10 times fast. : ) Thanks for being such a great sport the other night when I called. I'm still kind of giggling.

Love you both soooo much!

Andy said...

What a couple cuties! I showed Kien and Maya and now they want one of their own as well! We miss you you all!

Lisa said...

Hilarious! You two are cuties! Y'all reminded me of an orthodontic contraption I had in the entire roof of my mouth when I was 11. I don't know why I had it, but it had something to do with my braces. Anyway, the bad part about it was my toungue would get stuck in it and pinch it! The good part about it was that it had this ledge on it where I put lifesavers on to save them for later. For some reason I thought that was really cool. Ha!

Catherine said...

That's hilarious, Lisa! I'm kinda jealous that you had a lifesavers ledge!!