Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What the "h"?

Helloooooooooo, strangers!!! It's been so long since we've chatted!  Let's not go long between posts again, okay?  Y'all need to quit slacking off . . .

This weekend I went to Birmingham to go to my 10 year law school reunion.  I stayed with my friend Ashley and her family and had SO much fun.  She has an 8-year-old daughter named Annie (I've written about her before - click here to refresh your memory if you want!) and she is my little buddy.  I went to have lunch with her at her school on Friday.  She was very excited because she had just gotten a 100 on her spelling test.  And I'm so glad she did because it led to this conversation with her classmates:

Annie: Guess what?!
Catchy: What?!
Annie: I got a hundred on my spelling test!!
Catchy: Stop it!!
Annie: No!!
Catchy: Stop!  It!!!
Annie: No!!
[high five!]
Girl next to Annie: I got a 100, too!
Catchy: What?  Way to go!
[high five!]
Girl across from Annie: I got a 100, too!
Catchy: Unbelievable!
[high five!]
Girl across from me: [bummed out] I missed one.
Catchy: Well, that's okay!  That's still awesome!
[high five . . . a bit unenthusiastically]
Same Girl: Yeah.  I forgot the "h."
Catchy: Ooooooh . . . that's a bummer.
Same Girl: Yeah.  And I KNEW there was an "h" - I just forgot to write it.
Catchy: Oh man!  I HATE it when that happens!  What was the word?
Same Girl: [sighs regretfully] "Stomp."  [shakes head sadly]
[awkward silence]
Catchy: Well . . . that's . . . it probably wouldn't have . . . you'll do better next time.

I didn't have the heart to tell her that, even had she remembered to put the "h" in "stomp" she would have still missed one on her spelling test.  I just felt too sorry for her.  But later I found out that she has been bullying sweet little Annie!  What the "h"???  Now I wish I hadn't been so nice to her!

I should have just STHOMPED on her foot and walked away.