Monday, August 6, 2012


I love the Olympics.  Like in an unnatural way.  I record all the events and try to watch as many as I can.  I cry when we win gold.  I cry when they play the National Anthem.  I cry when anyone even mentions the name Keri Strug.  And I spend all my free time trying to decide if I would rather marry Jason Lezak or Brendan Hansen. 

It's a problem.

But I've been a bit busy this year and haven't had the time to watch all of the different events that I have recorded.  I get home each night, agonize over the fact that my DVR is 100% full, and then have to have my very own Sophie's choice.  Do I delete sand volleyball?  Do I delete water polo?  Trampoline with Dong Dong?  How can I possibly make such a choice?

It's very stressful.

So I'm currently trying to catch up with all the Olympics that I have missed.  But here are my thoughts so far:

1.  I'm pretty sure that this is actually impossible:

2.  I'm pretty sure that this guy trains in an indoor swimming pool:

3.  I'm pretty sure that shoulder blades aren't supposed to do this:

4.  I'm pretty sure this gymnastics judge is the most terrifying person at the Olympics:

5.  And I'm 100% sure that this is the only job I could do in the Olympics:  

You can medal for sitting in a boat and bossing people around?  That's my kinda sport.

Beats the heck out of the pommel horse . . .


Unknown said...

Dong that's a name you need to file away for your first born son. Wonder if he has a brother first name Ding??