Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Baby got back.

My friend Melissa, knowing how much I love to blog about restaurant art, sent me a picture from a restaurant in the great state of Maine:

Holy buns of steel!! SOMEONE needs to invest in a pair of undies and a slip, asap. And is it just me or do you want to jump through the picture to tell her that she needs to lay off the calf raises, like YESTERDAY? Those things are terrifying. Add the butt and the freakish thigh-calves to the beaver-tail hairdo and the prosthetic fingers and you've got a real STUNNING beauty.

I mean, just look at her date's face and tell me HE'S not stunned . . .


Robert and Kim said...

hah!! my sister told me about your blog today and this entry is my favorite (you know, of the 4 I've read so far) but they are ALL hilarious! I love your humor -- thanks for sharing!